Why G.P.S.?

Amid mushrooming schools upcoming each and every day, there arose a reference for a school with difference, which gave offshoot as G.P.S. :

• Away from hub bub of the city and its maddening crowd, yet in its vicinity and periphery.

• Pollution free ambiance to combat stress and strain & foster fitness.

• Child centred education to make learning experience all the more enjoyable to cater competitive stress & peer pressure.

• Ever zealous to incorporate suggestions and needs perceived & conveyed by parents / guardians / educationists.

• Teacher students’ proportion tilted to favour students.

• Good, synergic and comprehensive combination of manual & hi-tech.

• Career and character orientation.

Thank you for your astounding inclination, we value it and will cherish the same when your ward will walk out as a bright careerist to bring laurels to all associated.

Wise Word

A good Teacher is like Candle- it concumes itself to light the way of others.